Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to FOSS

So it has been a good summer, but I'm ready to delve back into the world of FOSS. The ADVFOSS class I am a part of now is doing 5 week sprints for its projects. and so we are gonna start with that first one.

PyTalk (Working Title)

PyTalk is going to be a Speech to text program for IRC using the Speech Recognition 1.1.0 Python Library When we are finished with the project, we will be putting it up on The main hardware we will be using is the Raspberry Pi and a microphone. Mstubinis and I will be working together on the project, and we are still looking for a mentor. We are going to go with an MIT License for the project.

Update: I talked to Anthony Zhang, the author of the Speech Recognition library we were looking at and he is willing to work with us and be an upstream mentor.


1. Get Speech Recognition to work on the Raspberry Pi
2. Learn how to configure an IRCBot.
3. Get IRCBot to accept the information it is being sent
4. Get IRCBot to post text to IRC 

Since we are only going to have a 5 week sprint for this, we can hopefully get everything done in the two development weeks. I will be trying to keep the documentation up to date through the process so we don't have as much to do come Week 4 and we can work a little longer on making it look nice.

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