Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tic-Tac-Pi - Final Thoughts

This was the second project that myself and mstubinis did for the ADVFoss class. This one was overall a much simpler project, mostly because it was doing something that we both thought would be fairly simple from the get go. I personally didn't have an overwhelming amount to do since mstubinis took charge right away and knocked out the game code itself in fairly short order. That left me pretty exclusively in charge of getting everything packaged. I originally had the same issues that I did in when it came to packaging up PyTalk, but more on that in a minute.

What I'm most surprised by was the expediency with which mstubinis actually got everything together. He had me write some very simple resolution code and had me do the testing to make sure it was working, but otherwise, he pushed out everything else in the time between classes in the first week. After that, it was fairly slow until we had to package it up because we had already had everything finished.

For some reason, my laptop finds it impossible to build python eggs. This happens to be a fairly large problem when trying to push things up to PyPi. Naturally this means I needed to go elsewhere for my uploading needs, which the first instinct is to go to a lab machine. Problem is that the lab machines are fairly finicky when it comes to actually using python on them. I finally managed to find a work around using my roommates laptop because he has a linix partition on his drive. After moving over the files, the upload and registration was extremely quick.

Overall, I found this project to be a little lackluster since I personally didn't have a lot to do for the project and I hope that changes as we move forward into the third hack for the class.

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